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BlastShield is BlastWave’s cybersecurity solution that enables organizations and institutions to protect their existing high value assets, data, and privacy. BlastShield’s virtual air-gapped mesh network is a combined hardware and software solution, implementing security industry best practices to provide seamless, frictionless edge-to-edge secure communication flow.

  • Virtual Air-Gapped Mesh Network
  • Zero Configuration – Plug, Play & Protect
  • Edge-to-Edge Encryption
  • Passwordless & Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Dashboard & Admin Console

BlastShield has five main properties:

The BlastShield network has a self-healing property ensuring 100% uptime and is not externally addressable, making it as impenetrable as any military-grade air-gapped network.

While providing state-of-the-art security, BlastWave also focuses on creating a highly convenient user experience.

The BlastShield solution is comprised of 3 pillars:

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BlastShield Network

The BlastShield network includes several unique capabilities that work together to ensure state of the art security:

  • High performance global mesh of local meshes
  • Hardware root of trust with secure encrypted boot
  • Zero configuration deployment
  • Edge to edge encrypted connection
  • 100% uptime with self-healing properties
  • Traffic monitoring and quarantine of compromised devices
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BlastShield Authentication

Our BlastShield Mesh Nodes register themselves to the network using a unique set of private/public key pairs.

BlastShield User Nodes use biometric, QR code, drivers license and behavioral authentication making it multi-factor and passwordless, which, by design, completely eliminates phishing, representing 81% of all attacks.

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BlastShield Web Console

The web console is the administrative powerhouse of the BlastShield solution, enabling user administration, network monitoring, and management reporting capabilities.

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