The BlastWave team is comprised of veterans with decades of experience at the command line, the assembly line, and the front line of business. They hail from companies including Apple, NeXT, Bell Labs, Caterpillar, Eli Lilly, Tom Ford, and Facebook.

BlastWave is headquartered in Mountain View, California.


Tom Sego
Head of Apple WW Sales Support, Eli Lilly, Caterpillar, Harvard MBA
Blaine Garst
CTO & Software
Bell Labs, NeXT, Apple, co-developed object oriented prog, and OS X kernel
Amy Parigi
Chief of Staff
Corporate strategy, WW HR and General Counsel positions at Tom Ford.
Charles Constanti
Public company CFO experience, growth and M&A, Procera Networks, Motorola, Netopia, CPA at PricewaterhouseCoopers